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Pixel pitch ( mm )10
Calibrated Brightness( nits )6000
LED typeSMD 3 in 1
Color processing depth24 bit
Size( W x H )1600mm x 900mm,1600mm x 300mm
IP ratingIP65
Lifespan100000 hrs
Operating environmentTemperature: -20℃ - 50℃;Humidity:10% - 90%RH

The SP series is the world's first SMD panel with 360° protection which is specififically made for sports stadiums in particular football. Its superior color display, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate and wider viewing angle have become the new standard of FIFA and UEFA.

Pixel pitch ( mm ): 10

Calibrated Brightness( nits ): 6000

LED type: SMD 3 in 1

Color processing depth: 24 bit

IP rating: IP65

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