Service is one of the most important parts of AOTO organizational culture. It represents a rule and procedure and already accepted by AOTO employees. AOTO always place customer needs at the top priority and focuses on customer satisfaction. The company also establishes an efficient and sustainable customer service system, aiming to achieve ‘win-win’ goal.

1. Pre-sales Service

Based on customers’ requirements, both sides discuss and make the plans together. AOTO will set the detailed design and solution scheme and provide engineers’ technical advice based on users’ demands in system function and quality.

2. Sale Service

AOTO assists clients to check the product quality before installation. After that, the company is responsible for the on-site installation, all the system equipment and material would be under the supervision in the process. The installation also follows national regulations and requirements. AOTO also manage the on-site service, such as the transportation of the system equipment, on-site testing, and installation testing, etc.

3. After-sales Service

Providing software and hardware maintenance, as well as the superior technical support and favorable supply of the backup parts.

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