• 3D Display Technology

    The 3D display technology of LED large-size screen accomplishes the impossible – making 3D content which is even more vivid and realistic. Featuring high-brightness and industry-leading 3D dimensional depth, this specialized composition pioneers in the realm of 3D display. LED application of large-size screen 3D display has gradually become the mainstream of 3D display. AOTO Electronics has rich experience in LED 3D display application, and many successful cases at home and abroad.

  • HDR Technology

    HDR is short for High Dynamic Range, a new standard for Ultra HD with the potential to vastly improve the viewing experience. It maintains as much of the original image quality as possible. High-dynamic Range (HDR) images can provide more Dynamic Range and image details than ordinary images. LED screens equipped with HDR technology can display finer, higher contrast and higher color restoration images.

  • Energy-Saving Technology

    Energy saving has become an inevitable trend of the times. Products with excellent energy-saving performance will not be eliminated by the times during the process of long-term use, and LED products of AOTO Electronics have a number of energy-saving patent technologies.

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