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ModelT 10
Pixel Pitch10mm
Pixel Density10000 dots/m2
LED TypeSMD4312
Luminescence ModeSide emitting LED
Cabinet Size1000*1000 mm (Adjustable)
Cabinet MaterialsAluminium
Brightness5500 cd/m2
Refresh Rate?1920 Hz
Max. Power Consumption800 W/m2
Average Power Consumption300 W/m2
MaintenanceFront & Rear
IP RateIP43
Horizontal View Angle120°
Vertical View Angle120°
Operating environment-10~65℃,10%-90%, without condensation
Input VoltageAC100V~240V
Lifespan100000 Hours

AOTO T series transparent screen is a customized transparent screen with high transmittance and plasticity. It integrates decoration and practicability to make the building more high-end and fashionable. With good transmittance and changeable cabinet, it is convenient for the perfect integration of screen and curtain wall. It is widely used in large shopping malls, star hotels, large transportation hub, high-end CBD and other places.

Pixel Pitch: 10mm

Pixel Density: 10000 dots/m2

LED Type: SMD4312

Luminescence Mode: Side emitting LED

IP Rate: IP43

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